Send a Letter to the Editor

The C-I Courier’s policy for inclusion of letters to the editor is as follows:

Letters policy

1. Letters should be kept to one page in length, either double-spaced type- written or in legible hand- writing.

2. A handwritten signa- ture must appear on all let- ters that are mailed or dropped off at the office. If you e-mail a letter, do not write in all capital letters and provide a contact phone number. Unsigned letters, either hard copy or e-mail, will not be published.

3. A thank you is a paid item. Please do NOT say thank you in a letter to the editor. Ask one of the staff members to assist you with a thank you.

4. Letters that contain undocumented charges will not be published, nor will letters that are, in the opin- ion of the editor and man- agement, libelous in nature.

5. The Courier reserves the right to edit for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and space.

6. While state, national, and global issues are important, please keep in mind the Courier is a com- munity newspaper and let- ters addressing issues at a local level are preferred.

7. Deadline for receipt of letters to the editor in the Courier office is noon Monday.

Mail letters to:

C-I Courier Letters to the Editor P.O. Box 67 Crosby, MN 56441

E-mail letters to:

Viewpoints expressed by letter writers are not necessarily those of the Crosby-Ironton Courier management or staff.